Cover for single 'ICARUS' from 'OCEANS'
September 21, 2018
Oceans Records
Producer: Timo Rotten
Number of discs: 1

‘ICARUS’ is the second single by the upcoming metal firestarters ‘OCEANS’.
This is the official music video for ‘ICARUS’ directed by Niklas Karrenbauer (http://www.motiviert.org) and Timo Rotten.

Stream ‘ICARUS’: https://ffm.to/oceans-icarus



Like Icarus we fly
This is how we die
This is our call to arms

all we know is just a drop
and drop for drop we fill the sea
with blood and hope
with dreams and fear
we rest in peace

For ages we strive for the sun
To feed our endless greed
But soon our wings will cripple
We’re bound to fall

Can you feel the thunder
Underneath your skin
The echoes of the past come to haunt us
For our fathers sins

Like Icarus We Fly
This Is How We Die
This is our call to arms

down in the abysse we are many
all different but still the same
Down in the dark all colors fade
we’re all bound by our destiny

bound by our destiny
we must unite

abandoned souls lost in the storm
We still have hope
to reach a safe haven

Gather your weapons
Tear down these walls
If we can’t stay here alive
Then we will stay here dead

There is still hope
to reach a safe haven

Like Icarus We Fly
This is How We DIe
This is our call to arms

© O C E A N S G b R 2 0 1 9